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     The Hunts Point Market is the largest Wholesale market in the Country. This market supplies the New York Tri-State Area the freshest and best produce available. With people from all over the world residing here, there is much demand for high quality, exotic produce. The amount of fresh produce that passes thought the Hunts Point Market is mind boggling.

     You have to be very good to make it in New York, but even more so you have to be even better to make it in the Hunts Point Market. At Top Katz, were very very good!

     Running a successful business in New York is unlike running one in any other city. With so many companies trying to get your business, we have to be sure that we are giving you the best value and service for your money.

     In NY, we not only see every produce available on the planet, but also the shippers that grow the product. We can actually compare, upon arrival, the same product from different shippers side by side. Most of the growers and shippers that we now represent were contacted after continuous comparison with their product being of the highest quality time after time.

     Our shippers are happy that we sell into a market in which we also live. We know what our receivers want and expect. We are always there for our customers and shippers.

     We have customers and connections throughout this market area, and may be able to get you customers you weren't able to obtain yourself. We are an excellent addition to you own sales staff, and keep in mind that if we don't "produce", we don't get paid!

     Any grower and shipper interested in becoming a member of our family should register with us.