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      For all direct receivers, wholesalers, and food service providers requiring high quality produce on a consistent basis; you've come to the right place. we know how hard it can be handling all aspects of your job, from dealing with your customers, buying and selling products, and receiving shipments. Top Katz LLC. is the answer for helping in supplying you all your produce needs! At TOP KATZ LLC., we work with our shippers directly. This enables us to get you the right produce, at the right price, all the time.   

  • If you need the produce right away... We can get it to you, fast!
  • If you quote prices....We'll help you with the quote!
  • If you have a problem... We'll help resolve it with you!

      Whether you currently require five pallets or five loads, we're here to help you grow your business by providing you with the freshest, highest quality produce, always! To ease your daily responsibilities, and increase your growth, contact TOP KATZ LLC either by phone, fax, or email. You'll be pleased with the difference our assistance makes.