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Top Katz was established to form a more direct link between two well-established produce distribution companies S. Katzman Produce & Top Banana, and their industry trade partners

With over 100 years of produce experience, management from S. Katzman Produce and Top Banana saw their customers leaving the Hunts Point Market and purchasing from inexperienced produce brokers.

Joseph Palumbo, Stephen Katzman, together with Mario Andreani, and several other produce industry professionals decided to open Top Katz LLC in July of 1998. The main reason Top Katz was created was to continue to service the same customers that helped them to grow into the prestigious produce distribution organizations that they are now and to support all the growers and shippers that have grown with them. 

Top Katz LLC is able to lower its customers' cost while continuing to offer top-quality products by using S. Katzman's and Top Banana and well established relationships, thereby continuing everyone's growth.

Top Katz is committed to offering the finest quality produce at fair prices. Not only does our products have to pass the quality standards of the USDA but also that of our produce industry professionals and most importantly our reputation.

Top Katz LLC's', well-experienced sales force is committed to continuing the quality-oriented tradition that both S. Katzman Produce & Top Banana set forth.

Top Katz's reputation continues to flourish to date with expectation of opening more offices in the near future around the country for a more hands-on approach. 

We now have 3 locations to serve you better! Our headquarters in the NYC Terminal Market. Top Katz West, our Nogales office, handles all Mexican and West coast commodities. Our latest addition, Top Katz Texas, located in McAllen Texas is sourcing watermelons, limes, avocados, papayas, specialty peppers and mangoes. We continue to grow our import program from South America with items like kaboucha, butternut and have a complete year round mango program. McAllen is an ever growing entry point for Mexican produce. We believe our three locations will offer uninterrupted quality supplies throughout the season.

We offer inspection services with pictures, load consolidation, in/out services as well as buying and brokerage services. Try it for a week on us, if you donít like us fire us!!